AVer & Shure Demo Video

AVer PTC310U and PTZ Link integrate with Shure MXA920 and IntelliMix® Room Audio Processing Software.

AVer PTC310U AI Auto Tracking PTZ camera and AVer PTZ Link software integrate with Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone and IntelliMix® Room Audio Processing Software, to build a human-voice tracking environment and improve the sound quality of the conference camera. With this combination, hybrid working and learning becomes even closer to face-to-face communication, evolving into a next-generation hybrid experience.


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AVer PTZ Link: https://ru.presentation.aver.com/line/pro-av/ptz-link.
AVer PTC310U: https://ru.presentation.aver.com/model/ptc310u.
Shure MXA920: https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/microphones/mxa920?variant=MXA920AL-R.
Shure Intellimix® Room: https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/software/intellimix_room.

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